Shared EV Charging Facilities

Although the majority of electric vehicle (EV) users in India will want to charge their vehicles at home, many may not have access to completely private parking areas for this purpose. The installation of shared chargers can address this issue, benefiting residents, developers, and property managers.

Benefits of Installing Shared EV Chargers

Installing shared EV chargers at residential complexes enhances property appeal, attracting a diverse range of buyers and tenants. Similarly, installing shared EV chargers in office spaces enables employers and property managers to meet the needs of their EV-driving employees while supporting the growing EV population. Moreover, these installations contribute to the green building profile, facilitating the achievement of government certification through Green Building audits.

Meanwhile, we have developed a helpful calculator that allows you to approximate the number of EV chargers required for your society, Office spaces or any other residential and commercial infrastructure

Products for Shared EV Charging Systems

EVamp Technologies provides two products specifically designed for shared EV charging in multi-dwelling residential units and office spaces: Hang Easy EV Charger and Hot Lap EV Charger.

The Hang Easy EV Charger provides a highly convenient and space-saving solution for shared EV charging. With its innovative “easy to hang” and “wall-mounted design,” it optimizes the utilization of parking space while efficiently charging multiple vehicles simultaneously. This versatile charger is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles.

On the other hand, the Hot Lap EV Charger is a purpose-built charging solution specifically designed for electric cars. It features a direct CCS2 gun output, making it universally compatible with every electric car available in the Indian market. This exceptional product offers the flexibility of installation options, allowing it to be mounted on a wall or a pole as per the specific requirements of the location.

Useful Features of Shared EV Charging systems

The shared EV charging system allows for the installation of multiple charging points to accommodate multiple vehicles simultaneously.

The charging management software optimizes the distribution of power among the charging points, ensuring efficient and balanced charging without overloading the electrical infrastructure.

 Users can securely authenticate themselves through the charging management software, ensuring access only to authorized individuals.

 The system supports seamless payment integration, allowing users to easily pay for the charging services through various payment methods, such as mobile wallets or credit cards.

The charging management software provides real-time monitoring of charging sessions, allowing users and operators to track charging progress and receive notifications.

The system enables remote control and monitoring of charging stations, allowing operators to manage and troubleshoot charging sessions from a central location.

The software generates usage reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into charging patterns, energy consumption, and user behaviour for efficient management and planning.

Users can schedule their charging sessions in advance through the software, ensuring availability and avoiding conflicts with other users.

The system offers energy management capabilities, allowing operators to optimize energy usage, and manage peak demand effectively.

The shared EV charging system is designed for scalability, allowing for the easy addition of more charging points and integration with future technologies.

End-to-end solution with expert guidance

Evamp Technologies offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution tailored to your requirements. Our dedicated technical and commercial team will provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to system development. With our innovative Hang Easy EV Charger and Hot Lap EV Charger, you can trust that our meticulously designed system will meet your specific needs. Furthermore, our solution is built with scalability and upgradability in mind, ensuring ongoing convenience and accessibility for EV users.