Hang Easy Charger by EVamp Technologies

Our Hang Easy Charger, also known as EV charging outlets, are the perfect choice for infrastructure that is future-ready and green certified. With advanced features and reliable operation, our charging outlets are designed to provide hassle-free charging for electric vehicles.


Our EV Charging outlets are available in two output ratings – 3.6KW and 7.2KW. These are the perfect choice for residential infrastructure of any size or type. With a reliable operation, elegant appearance, and easy installation, our EV outlet is designed to provide hassle-free charging for electric vehicles.

Easy to Install

No need to worry about complicated wiring or installation procedures.

Cost Effective

great option for both individuals and businesses with optimum cost.

Multiple Variants

Our EV outlet comes in three versions – standard, smart Bluetooth, and OCPP compliant – so you can choose the option that best fits your needs

No Maintenance Required

No need to spend lot of time and money on upkeeping activities.

Government Approved

Meeting all necessary regulations and standards set forth by relevant authorities.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our EV outlet is designed for easy installation, with minimal maintenance required over time. Its robust build and advanced software ensure that it operates reliably, with almost no chance of operation failure. Whether you’re looking to install EV charging capabilities in a single-family home or a large residential complex/apartment, our EV outlet is the perfect choice for providing convenient and efficient charging for electric vehicles.

Individual EV Charging Outlets

Individual EV charging outlets offer several advantages over shared EV charging systems, particularly in residential apartment projects. Here are some of the benefits of individual EV charging outlets compared to shared EV charging systems:

Installing individual EV charging outlets is a straightforward process, and they are easy to maintain. You just need to provide power from an individual electricity meter to the dedicated parking space. In contrast, shared EV charging systems are complex to install and may require a dedicated server to operate, leading to recurring costs.

With individual EV charging outlets, residents have the freedom to charge their EVs at any time in their own dedicated parking space, without needing to pre-plan their turn or worry about availability. Shared EV charging systems may not always be available when needed, and residents may need to pre-book a charging slot.

Installing individual EV charging outlets is a one-time solution that is cost-effective and efficient. In contrast, shared EV charging systems require recurring costs such as server fees, maintenance costs, and upgrades to accommodate future needs of residents.

Shared EV charging systems occupy the dedicated parking spaces, leading to inconvenience to the residents.

Individual EV charging outlets are very easy to operate and can be used by anyone with an EV. However, shared EV charging systems require pre-planning, booking, and may require some level of technical knowledge.

EV Outlets let you recharge any electric two-wheeler and four-wheelers as well. Being useful for both the operation, EV outlets are the great choice for cost effective solution.

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. In response, infrastructure developers need to accommodate individual EV charging outlets in their upcoming residential projects to meet the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure.

Providing dedicated parking spaces with individual EV charging outlets for residents can increase the value of the property and improve resident satisfaction. Moreover, with the Indian government’s ambitious plans to make India a global EV manufacturing hub, infrastructure developers need to prepare for the future and provide EV charging infrastructure in their residential projects.

By accommodating individual EV charging outlets, developers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and help India achieve its EV adoption targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the installation process for individual EV charging outlets in residential infrastructure?

To install individual EV charging outlets in dedicated parking spaces of residential infrastructure, you need to run an electric cable from the resident’s electricity energy meter to their parking space. This installation process is straightforward and typically costs less than 10,000 rupees when done with pre-planning.

What are the advantages of installing individual EV charging outlets instead of a shared EV charging system?

Installing individual EV charging outlets in dedicated parking spaces of residents allows them to charge their electric vehicles at their convenience. Furthermore, these outlets can charge both four-wheelers and two-wheelers, whereas shared EV charging systems require separate chargers for two-wheelers. Individual EV charging outlets do not require a charging management software system, which eliminates the need for residents to pay hosting fees on a yearly basis.

What are some of the convenient features of EV charging outlets in terms of usability?

EV charging outlets come with a physical locking mechanism that prevents interruptions during the charging process and secures the outlet from unauthorised usage. Additionally, these charging outlets are some of the most aesthetically pleasing products on the market, which enhances the appearance of your project.