Hyper Turbo EV Chargers from EVamp Technologies

At EVamp Technologies, we provide a range of DC fast EV chargers that cater to the unique requirements of electric vehicle (EV) owners. Our chargers offer high-power charging capabilities, ranging from 30 kW to 80 kW, enabling speedy and efficient charging of electric cars.

Our EV chargers are universally compatible with all EV models, allowing for a wide range of electric cars to be charged. They have undergone testing for continuous and rough usage, guaranteeing their resilience to endure the demands of high-volume usage and severe environmental conditions.

Attract EV Drivers

Use it as an amenity or facility in your project or business.

Generate Revenue

Generate new revenue stream with DC EV chargers

Fast EV Chargers

With Hyper EV Chargers, electric vehicles can be charged within 1-1.5 hours, providing a future-proof solution for quickly charging any electric car in India. These chargers do not overload your existing electrical connection, making them ideal for domestic use in hotels, restaurants, apartments, townships, and other similar applications.

Positive Brand Image

Be sure of reliability and safer operation of our EV chargers.

Government Approved

Meeting all necessary regulations and standards set forth by relevant authorities.

Our DC fast EV chargers for electric cars are ideal for remote and urban townships with limited access to charging infrastructure. Our fast and dependable charging solutions help reduce range anxiety and make electric cars a more practical option for EV owners in areas with limited charging infrastructure.

By incorporating DC fast EV chargers as amenities in luxurious and premium residential infrastructures in urban areas of metro cities, you can attract eco-conscious residents who own electric cars. Offering a reliable and convenient charging solution can also enhance the value of your property, making it more appealing to potential buyers or renters. Additionally, providing EV charging amenities can help your property stand out in a competitive market and distinguish your brand as a leader in sustainability and innovation. Our DC fast EV chargers provide a high-quality charging solution that caters to the needs of your residents and promotes the use of clean energy.

Our DC fast EV chargers provide municipalities and governments with a reliable and energy-efficient solution to meet the increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure. Our government-approved chargers guarantee that your charging infrastructure meets the highest safety and quality standards. Our chargers are also compatible with all EV OEM models, making them a versatile and convenient choice for any Public EV charging project.

Our DC fast EV chargers with franchise support offer highway restaurants and rest stops the opportunity to attract electric car drivers and generate new revenue streams. By partnering with us, you can offer a dependable and efficient charging solution that caters to the needs of electric car drivers on long-distance trips. Our government-approved chargers are universally compatible with all electric car models and are built to withstand real-world usage, ensuring a seamless charging experience for your customers. Moreover, our franchise support provides you with the necessary tools and resources to manage and maintain your charging stations, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to focus on your core business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can residents of a residential apartment project use a DC EV Charger?

Yes, residents of a residential apartment project can use a DC EV charger if it is installed in a common area or assigned parking space. The charger can be accessed using a key or access card, and residents can pay for the electricity used using a payment app or metered system.

How many DC EV Chargers should be installed in a residential apartment project?

The number of DC EV chargers that should be installed in a residential apartment project depends on several factors, such as the size of the project and the expected demand for EV charging. A residential apartment in Metro/Metropolitan cities must have one DC Fast EV Charger considering future growth and demand for EV charging in the project.

How can a hotel business benefit from installing DC EV chargers?

Installing DC EV chargers can attract electric vehicle drivers to the hotel, potentially increasing foot traffic and revenue. It can also enhance the hotel’s sustainability initiatives and reputation by demonstrating a commitment to the environment. Additionally, some hotel guests may require a charging station for their electric vehicle, and offering this amenity can improve the overall guest experience and satisfaction.

What are the power requirements for installing a 30KW to 80KW DC EV Charger?

A 30KW to 80KW DC EV Charger requires a three-phase power supply and a dedicated circuit breaker rated at 80 amps or higher. The charger’s power requirements may vary depending on the specific model and installation location. So, it is important to consult with a qualified installer like EVamp Technologies to know about feasibility.

How many DC EV Chargers should a highway restaurant business install?

The number of DC EV chargers that a highway restaurant business should install depends on several factors, such as the expected demand for EV charging and the restaurant’s location. We can conduct a site survey through your restaurant location to determine the optimal number of EV chargers and their placement to ensure maximum revenue generation and ease of installation.